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Anubias Golden variant is more uncommon than the typical Anubias Barteri. Similar to the typical green variant it is not picky and can be attached to rock, driftwood, or in substrate. Just be careful not to bury the rhizome. We typically offer this plant in three sizes: smallmedium, and large.

What I like about this plant

I typically use this plant on or around hardscape in my tank or as a center piece in a small shrimp tank. With CO2 and nutrients this plant flowers often. Without CO2 this plant is still great it just grows slower and leaves tend to be smaller. Great contrast next to Anubias BarteriAnubias Pinto, or Lagenandra Meeboldii Red.

Anubias Golden (small)

  • Pictures are my own but not exact product being sold unless noted. I try to show you typical examples of the product you would be purchasing. If you have any questions please contact me.

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